Popular Q&А’s + Dating Tips

  • Why Choose Online Dating?

    There are millions of singles looking for love, friendship, activity partners or just a casual relationship online. We made sure to review sites within each category this way you can target those people who have similar interest and goals just like you. 

    Internet dating makes things simpler, it offers you the freedom to pick and choose who you want to date or interact with. For those of you who don't walk up to strangers in bars because you’re shy or any other reason, online dating makes it easy to engage in conversation from anywhere you feel comfortable. You can communicate anonymously and get to know the person before actually going on a first date.

  • Does Internet dating really work?

     Yes! Millions of people start relationships through online dating sites, many people you know that are in successful relationships or even some that got married, met online. Always remember, some people do not like to admit they met someone online, in turn they make up stories how they met in a local grocery store or thru some friend you never heard of.

  • Where do I start?

    Step 1:

    Look thru all the dating categories and decide what category best fits you. Maybe you simply want to join a dating site that has a mix of everything, maybe you’d prefer more of a niche dating site, like a site that caters strictly to mature woman seeking men younger than them, or a site that caters to seniors, or maybe a site that strictly caters to certain ethnicities or religions, or maybe a site for people looking to date wealthy people, or maybe a site for those looking strictly for fun and no commitment.

    The idea of this site was to showcase all types of different sites, this allows people to be open about who they are and what they are looking for.

    If you are someone who is looking for a non committed relationship, you do not have to join a site that’s for serious minded people; simply join a site where you can be open and honest on what you want. This way you do not have to hurt anyone’s feelings.

    Go thru our video review, we designed this site so you can see exactly what every site is about before you even visit the site.

    There is something for everyone.

    Step 2:

    Gather some photos of yourself that are recent and feature you in a variety of settings. See the tips below about online dating photos, the do’s and don’ts.

    Step 3:

    Take 10 or so minutes daily (or as much time as you like) and contact members that you want to know more about. Simply creating a profile and waiting is never a good idea, be proactive, make it fun and you will see great results fast.

    Many people have profiles on more than one site; this ups their chances of finding what they want sooner.

    Take the first step and join the site, this will make you complete all other steps. Simply waiting for the perfect day never really works out. Today is a perfect day to start finding the relationship you want and deserve.

  • Myth! It costs more money to find a date online.

    Nothing is further than the truth. Think about how many times you have gone out to a bar looking to meet someone and how much money you spent.

    And in most cases, you will not meet anyone in bars, lounges etc. 

    What you would spend in a cheap low end bar in one night, money that rarely yields results, will cover at least a month membership fee on any quality site that will almost certainly yield you results.

  • Myth! Online dating is not safe.

    If you use common sense you can screen people online better than people you meet at a bar after you had a few drinks or in a place where you can only make out every other word the other person is telling you.

    In addition when you are talking to someone online it’s easier to walk away, easier to be yourself, and that comes in very handy when trying to protect yourself.

    Your first meeting should always be in a public place, always let the other party know that someone else knows who you are with, and always make sure someone knows the contact information to the person you are with.

  • Myth! Only desperate people go to online dating sites.

    There are just as many desperate people online as there are in bars, clubs, lounges or anywhere else you can think of that you can meet people.

    Remember, many of the same people you see in lounges etc. also use online dating sites! 

  • Myth! Online dating is very time consuming.

    It takes more time to get ready to go out, spend time on blind dates or in a bar for a few hours than actually logging in for 10-20 minutes a day and contacting and or responding to other members.

    Online dating actually saves you time and in most cases money too.

  • Myth! Free dating websites are just as good as the paid websites!

    The saying “you get what you pay for” really rings true to online dating.

    While researching hundreds of dating websites, free and paid alike we noticed the seriousness and honesty of the members is much higher on paid websites.

    We also noticed that the members are online more often; they check their mail more often and thus us getting more replies then if it was some free site.

    When people pay for something they have a higher chance of being more serious about it, even thou it’s not that much money, but it’s just the right amount of money to weed out lots of non serious people.

    In short, we have found that paid online dating websites the members are more serious, more active and higher quality.

    Without mentioning any sites directly, if you recall in the news the major problems people had with a certain site, it will almost always be some free based site.

    Remember, lots of the online dating negativity comes from people who met people in some random free chat room or some free posting site, do not allow those negative stories to prevent you from trying high quality dating sites.

  • Online Dating Tips (Photos)

    1. Make sure to post a photo.

    Profiles without pictures, do not get noticed and people don't have the patience to chat, email or interact with people who do not post at least 1 photo. Remember most people on dating sites do post their photo and in most cases more than 1 photo.

    2. Post photos that include you doing an activity.

    If you post a picture of you doing something you enjoy for example fishing, boating, golf, bike riding it's a good way for a member to comment and start a conversation. 

    3. Smile!

    We can't stress this enough. Many people look way to serious and sad in their pictures. If you feel you do not look good when you smile, then do a half a smile or another gesture that shows you are awake and happy.

    4. Post more than one picture.

    Do not post many photos for the sake of simply posting many photos, many times someone will post 5 pictures and 4 of the 5 will be great, but that 1 other photo will be the one that will make almost no one contact you. Truly and honestly analyze your photos to make sure there is nothing wrong in them. For example, sometimes the way a person sites or stands can make them look heavier or too thin or maybe way taller or shorter etc. 

    5. Always try to get recent photos of someone you are about to meet.

    A common complaint of people who date online is the person didn't look like their photo. If you are only looking at one photo that captures that person in one second of their life there is a good chance it wont be accurate. In the early days of online dating people would have all types of excuses as to why they do not have a photo, excuses like, my scanner is broken etc. Now with the invention of digital cameras and cell phone photos, everyone has plenty of recent photos and if they don't they can easily get a recent photo of themselves. 

    6. Test and test some more.

    You can always add or remove photos from your dating profile and see if it gets you more or less replies. 

  • Online Dating Tips (Emails)

    1. Ask specific questions about that person, but not too personal.

    If you are writing an email for the first time try to include a question that requires a response, for example, where was the picture taken with the elephant? Or, I noticed you like [sushi] restaurants have you tried this [Fill in the blank] restaurant?

    If your very first email is simply, “oh you look great” or “hope you are having a great day” or “I saw your profile, and I liked what I saw, get back to me” you will not have much luck. Remember, try to stand out, show that you read the profile, be specific and ask a question that’s unique and your chances of getting a reply will increase.

    2. Ask the person out quick, there is no need to wait.

    When online dating was still new, people would wait several years before they would finally meet. Then they waited months, and now it’s perfectly normal for people to meet the same day that they started talking with someone online.

    You want to avoid wasting precious time talking to someone that once you meet them in person you will know right away there is no way you two click physically etc.

    What you should make sure is that the very first time you meet, you are not picked up by them but rather you meet them in a public place, a restaurant, lounge, etc. This rule applies to both men and women.

    In addition, some people online just rarely meet anyone; you want to make sure to get that out of the way right from the start.

    So after a few conversations online and maybe one phone conversation, it’s perfectly ok to as the other person to meet up.  

    Remember, this is online dating and not online chatting, if you see someone is simply into back and forth chat, simply move on to the next person.

  • Dating Tip: Be Decisive

    One of the reasons many people never get to meet anyone in person, is because they have a problem taking that final step and making plans.

    If you met someone you’d like to meet in person don’t say something like:

    “Hey I’d like to meet you for dinner one of these days, let me know whats good for you”


    “How about we meet up sometime in the coming weeks?”

    Instead say something like:

    “I’d like to take you out to dinner, Thursday night, let me know if that works”

    Make sure whatever date you pick is soon and not in the distant future (see next tip). Keep in mind we just used dinner as an example, it can be a movie, drinks or whatever else you feel is proper.

    By being decisive you are avoiding the endless loop of “I’ll let you know, you let me know”.

    Worrying all day if you sound too desperate or too aggressive will get you exactly to where you are right now, single. The people you see in successful relationships cared about one thing, making sure the other party knew how they feel about them, and they took action. They didn’t sit around looking for rules and time frames on when you can or can't say something.

  • Dating Tip: How about today?

    One of the main reasons many never meet others online, isn’t because they didn’t find anyone they like, but rather they engage in some game that absolutely makes no sense.

    We will call that game, “are you available 926 Thursdays from now”?

    If you meet someone online and you both click, why wait for weeks and months before meeting? Instead plan to meet right away as in the same day or the next day.

    If you meet someone online that seems to never be able to meet in person, move on and do so quick, as how will you have a relationship with someone who seems to be very busy.