was created to help you navigate the simple, yet so complex world of online dating.

With so many dating sites online, catering to so many different lifestyles, it was important to create an easy and simple to use dating review site, that allows the consumer to not just read the facts, but also see the facts of what each site is about.

We picked sites that have a large active member base, after all, who cares if a site has great features if they have little or no members?

We also added some valuable information under the Popular Q&A + Dating Tips section, the information found there is current, and not outdated dating information that does not apply to today’s times.

Dating has changed allot in the past few years, reading dating books and online guides, that have not been written by people who understand the current situation, is like trying to figure out how to use your iPod by reading a cassette player instructions manual.

Online dating works, but it’s like everything else, if you don’t know what you are doing, it won’t work for you. When you hear people say it doesn’t work, take a good look at them, and try to think of anything that ever worked for them.

Internet dating costs next to nothing compared to the other options out there, it’s fast and easy, remember, many people you know, meet people off dating sites, but many won’t admit it, they will make up stories on how they met thru a co-worker or how they met at the gas pump. takes the guessing game out of Internet dating; we reviewed sites in almost every category, so there is something for everyone.

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We hope you find out site helpful, and look forward hearing your online dating success story!